Relax Office Chair

Nowadays, people work in closed office spaces for 8-9 hours a day. Such people need a quality rest expressed in a change of the work environment with something different. In the short breaks people get they don’t have the time and the opportunity to relax in full.

The product contains:

  • Office chair which has massage functions for feet, body and neck
  • Video glasses with audio output
  • Touch-screen command display



The product I have developed has the purpose to give a full sense of resting. The massage covers the sense of touch, while the video glasses cover the senses of sight and hearing. Currently, the senses of smell and taste are left out. In the future realization of the project these two senses have to be taken into consideration.


Relax Office Chair is designed for full relaxation. The user has to turn on the massage function and then turn on the video glasses with desired pictures and sounds.  The massage function is realized through 3d roll mechanism with 4 rolls. These rolls imitate human arms. The chair is equipped with Shiatsu point which is optically scanning shapes of the body. The Shiatsu point compares the user’s body to 100 different archetypes. The device has two air-powered motors.


The video glasses work with a lithium-ion battery which is charged in the glasses section located in the chair. The video glasses have compact folding because of the changed axis of folding on one side. The project is directed at a company which is a leader in the production of massage chairs. The choice of materials and production technologies will be coordinated with them.


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