A supportive luggage system Mobiler aims to facilitate, support and help people in their long-distance trips. This will be achieved through a luggage for people who prefer to push their luggage and utilize every available space for a comfortable journey. The device has a sitting function and plenty of space for feet movement. The device is[…]


LED-powered reflective light C’moon is a LED-powered lamp which uses indirect forms of light such as smooth reflection. In contrast to many spotlights, the reflective light creates a warm well-lit ambience and can also serve as a bedside night lamp. During the day C’moon boldly reflects the natural light, while at night the highly reflective[…]

odour transformer

Odour Transformer

Odour Transformer is a portable device for filtering the kitchen odour and moisture. These functions are accomplished through a water vapour sorbents, oil filter and an ioniser. The device uses high voltage to ionise air molecules. Releasing negative ions traps the airborne particles and reduces the odour, spreading bacteria and mould. The S-shape of the frame will facilitate the adjustments in height and provide better attachment to[…]

3wheel climber

3wheel climber

The project focuses on mobility and facilitation in transportation. The developed solution helps moving luggage up and down stairs. This function is realized by a 3-pointed plate with 3 wheels. The construction rotates on the middle axis and thus facilitates climbing up and down stairs. Even though the travel stations become more and more user-friendly[…]