This idea gives a new meaning to the word “swing”.  On this page you can see a significant change in the shape of the swing (one of the constructions even resembles a rocket. 🙂 The swinging will not be in one plane anymore. People using the device will experience something they have never experienced before. This swing is innovative because it is rotating 360° degrees with the seat moving as well. The seat is moving at 24° towards the rotation axis or a total digression of 48°. The “C” shape of the swing is possible because the centre of gravity is based near the swing foundation.


The swinging is being facilitated by a convenient handle. The rotation will be realized with bearings which are located in the base of the device. The base is not movable. Children playing with the swing will be protected by a ring around it. The swing won’t be able to rotate more than one full turn for safety reasons.

10-luil 11-luil





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