hissar label2

Hissar label design

This is Labek&bottle design for a mineral water. “Hissar”. I participated with it in Hissar Design Competition. The concept was to visualize the purest water drop. The slogan of the label is “Purity in every drop”. In order to maintain the tradition of the brand in Bulgaria I used the original logo with some modifications.[…]

Delphin box

The Delphin box is an untraditional Christmas souvenir.   The client required an unique souvenir for its Christmas campaign. This souvenir had to include an image of a dolphin and naturally it had to be put in the context of the Christmas holidays. We have decided to make an unusual combination – a vodka bottle and[…]

relax office chair

Relax Office Chair

Nowadays, people work in closed office spaces for 8-9 hours a day. Such people need a quality rest expressed in a change of the work environment with something different. In the short breaks people get they don’t have the time and the opportunity to relax in full. The product contains: Office chair which has massage[…]

protective helmet

Illuminating Protector-Helmet

This is an illuminating protector-helmet for caves. On this page you can see the initial development in sketches. The illumination located in the blue zone gives a new level of visibility. Its shape allows the illumination of the whole area: straight ahead, up, left and right. With this illumination power we can see more than[…]