Jack, IT professional living in the northern London, commuting to central London for his job, after 8h per day, 40h per week, 160h per month sitting on a desk in front of the computer all day long, he the home it is too late. He thinks that maybe it is better to join a sport centre near to his work the problem he end up carry: 1. Bag for his food 2. For his work documents and work laptop 3. A bag for his favourite sport – too many bags for busy underground line.

We (Me and Yasir Arafat (project management) thought there must be some platform where we would be able to customize a bag functionalities according to the ocasion Surprisingly we were unable to find any product which could meet their requirements. This problem motivated us to come up with a solution.


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Тhe Idea

The idea is to create a bag platform where people will choose one bag to meet their necessity. The bag will have three sections, one fixed and two separable section. People will be able to swap with different separable multifunctional section with these two separable sections if require. These will help them to organise by carrying necessary things on daily basis and also save money for not buying too many bags! This how our work/sport oriente bag came to life. We called it Tribag.

Tribag is unique 3 compartment bag which could be taken in two modes – work ( including messenger bag ) and second bag – (food and gym bag) Tribag is directed to young professionals who love to exercise and eat healthy food. The Bag is unique because it meets the need of some many people who want to exercise and eat healthy. Tribag has a lot of little enhancement which make the customer experience superior, for example a personalisation pocket in the front which will allow people to put their own unique element of recognition, a lot of peopl of our main audience used to cycle so we would like to protect them when they cycle, we put reflecting arrows in the back of the bag. Also we make the Tribag 100% washable in every washing machine.


Main Target audience will be 23-60 years old professionals who like to exercise and/or eat home-made food. Gallup poll study show that 12% of UK population are members of fitness clubs and many more of some sort of sport club.


Backpacks are entering more and more in everyday life of people. “ Backpacks have replaced briefcases, overtaken the messenger bag in the affection of cyclists (better for a laptop), subsumed the satchel fad” Paula Cocozza leading fashion writer in the Guardian. Backpacks are worn by all social groups from drivers of buses to businessmen and even the mayor of London.

There is no product on the market which combines Food, Gym and Work related bags. Our concept is developed from the feedback from questionnaire with more of 100 participants. Tribag is unique in its category. Tribag project started as niche in the market which is not taken. There is no bag on the market which could accommodate food, laptop and gym clothes in organised manner.


Amongst more than 100 professionals which we asked on the willingness to pay question: How much are you willing to spend for a backpack? Up to £30, 40, 50 up 100, and If I like it I will buy it no matter the price. The last response scores the most. So we have decided to aim at the best features scores in our research and bring a response to the people’s most desired and needed functions. Other people who may be interested in the bag will be vegetarians, pescetarian
The development …
We have developed 2 models, 1 prototypes and now we are producing our alpha prototype.


The Initial Seed business winner Enterprise Fund University of Hertfordshire October 2015
Young Entrepreneur Flare Level3 – Finalist 2015
University of Hertfordshire

Тhe project is still under development

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