This was a two week project to design/create a device which can scan a document, edit the document and after that produce a brand new document with the needed changes. The whole upper surface of the device is touch screen display, facilitated by an electronic pen. The pen can help with electronic signatures and precision editing of little details.


This UH project started with an interesting task where we had to develop the profile of a person. The only information that we had was his age, profession and marital status. A lawyer named James Snares was my profiled person.


Below you can his possible family, work location, health condition and hobbies. In the process of creating the profile, I made a storyboard of one work day divided by hours. Another interesting part was that I asked myself what James would have in his pockets. After analysing all data, I saw that a lot of time was spent on editing small mistakes in contracts; therefore I initiated the SceNdit project.


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