skendit - print, scan, edit

This two week project for a  device which can scan a document, edit the document and after that to produce a brand new document with the needed changes. The whole upper surface of the device is touch screen display, facilitated by a electronic pen. The pen can help with electronic signatures and precision edition of little details.


This project UH project which started as intersting task – we had to develop a profile of person. The only information that we had was his age profession and marage. My person was a lawyer named James Snares.


On this page you can his possible family, work location, health condition, hobbies. In the process of profile I made a storyboard of one work day divided by hours. Another interesting part that I asked my self What James would have in his pockets. After the analysing all data I saw a lot of time spent for editing small mistakes in contracts, therefore I initiate SkeNdit project.