c'moon light

LED-powered reflective light

C’moon is a LED-powered lamp which uses indirect forms of light such as smooth reflection. In contrast to many spotlights, the reflective light creates a warm well-lit ambience and can also serve as a bedside night lamp. During the day C’moon boldly reflects the natural light, while at night the highly reflective surface improves the lighting flow and thus the users’ productivity.

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The story

Here  you can see the project development and manufacturing. from the initial concepty to the final realized model.

During a focus group study my collages pointed out that evening and midnight work is much more productive for them. ‘My phone finally stops ringing’ and ‘there are fewer distractions’, some of them noted. Most emphasise that ‘generally evenings and nights are quieter, so I can focus on my projects’. When asked about what they use for their night-time work, four respondents confirmed that they bought a desk lamp. However, two of them do not use it because the light is focused. Six of my colleagues were positive and enthusiastic about using a non-focused reflective light for their academic and professional work.

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The user

The target group of product users covers students and professionals between the ages of 20 and 40. Most users will be people in junior or managerial roles who put in the extra hours to further their careers. The light can be used in urban and suburban offices and residential areas.

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The market

The electric lighting market is growing and there is an increasing demand for energy-efficient technology. In addition, the booming LED market will continue to grow at least until 2016. This economic outlook presents opportunities for innovative lighting solutions.

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The inexorable pace of modernity presses students and professionals to work longer hours, which transforms their working days into working days and nights. This dramatic shift in lifestyles highlights the need of additional lighting for the working place.