7,5 m out-board engine yacht

7,5 m yacht

No matter how many words I say about this project they won’t be enough. This is my bachelor graduation thesis. My folder with research, pictures and photos is 11, 3 GB. I have been to 2 yacht expos and I have seen the real manufacturing process. I have even sailed with one special yacht.
In this project I was working with two of my colleagues from the Technical University. My part of the project was the yacht exterior and the stairs between the different levels. In this project I confronted problems which I have never experienced before. In the project every solution, every line had its own place and reason. The main purpose in this yacht is: rationalization of every inch of the product, providing comfort to every person on board, and of course aesthetics in forms, shapes and lines.LOo-web

I have developed two test models of the yacht. One is made of fibran, and part of the other one is made of plasticine.

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model photos
In the beginning we had many ideas which were dropped for safety reasons as well as dimension and production limitations. One of the ideas was a yacht a yacht design with special ladder, folded in two in the back of the vessel. Another one was a “drop-down” which had to be located close to the upper deck. This seat had the option to be transformed into a ladder.
Achievements in the yacht design:

  • Positioning and safety of the upper deck space
  • The whole sidelong line of the yacht
    – the front part of the yacht is higher than the back part. This ensures a broader space in front, better visual contrast and lower production expenses (in the back side stairs will have one step less).
  • New functional segment for engine exploitation.
  • New furniture arrangement and drop-down table in the middle.

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